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"Self- Esteem Is Made Up Primarily Of Two Things - Feeling Lovable And Lovable"

- Jack Canfield

What is Self - Esteem?

Self-esteem helps us trust in our limitless ability. This defines us, this describes who we are and so we will each and every time make sure our self-esteem is never low because high self-esteem contributes to limitless possibilities. Growth in self-esteem leads to huge changes and improvement in our outcomes.

Talking in terms of development in humans.

Infants, start building self-esteem as soon as they are born. Firstly, their self- esteem is established by fulfilling their fundamental needs, including the need for affection, warmth and closeness. Gradually they learn that they are loved as the people who care for them treat them constantly with gentleness, kindness, comfort them when they cry, and show them attention.

During toddlerhood, children still have not developed a clear understanding of self-esteem or self-identity. Each time they learn a new skill they add to their sense of their ability and their comprehension of who they are. Toddlers learn what they feel like, what they should do and where they belong.

A critical point in a child's self-esteem growth occurs when they begin learning. Many children's self-esteem declines as they have to deal with a different situation among rules that could be unfamiliar and different among adults and peers. Self-esteem in the early teenage years is about how well kids continue to do activities in school and how they do in sports.

It also depends on their physical appearance and characteristics and their ability to make friends with other children their own age.

Healthy self-esteem plays a significant role in shaping a person. It is that much important where our roots take hold and from there we grow as it promotes mental health. According to Branden (2005), “Self-esteem is the experience of being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and of being worthy of happiness. Whereas, people having low self-esteem are unable to enjoy their life challenges.

Relationships, perceptions and one's own feelings form self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem encourages emotional well-being, endurance and assertiveness. I came to know after reading so many articles that people with low self- esteem can end up with mental illnesses and other physiological and psychosocial issues.

Although self-esteem fluctuates over time, it usually stays within a range based on your circumstances that represents how you feel about yourself. Before reading this idea in detail, I was a little familiar with this subject but now I have come to realize the value of a healthy self-esteem in the life of an individual.

Self-esteem is an important concept of everyone’s life. It is true that if we ignore ourselves, life will ignore us. Low self-esteem keeps you from loving life, doing the things you want to do, and working on personal ambitions, and giving time to one's own self and understanding one's own strengths and weaknesses can help one deal with different circumstances.

Self-awareness will power and family support are essential pillars of building high self-esteem as everybody is a different, unique and important individual and needs to feel good about themselves so love for yourself.

In psychology, self-esteem is a term generally used to describe an individual's sense of self-worth, self-respect or personal value. It involves a variety of beliefs about yourself, which can be your appearance, behavior, success etc.

Many times self-esteem is seen as a personality trait, which means it is stable and enduring. Why is it important?

Self-esteem is important as it directly influences our decisions and performances. A low self-esteem might prevent you from performing well in school or work as it means you don't believe in yourself. While an individual with high self-esteem will believe in them self and back them self to try and become better in every sphere of their life.

People with high self-esteem will be in a good mood for most of the day and will be able to explore their full potential. A person with low self-esteem will fail to do so.

By : Navya Jain (XI - Gir)

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