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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Fear of rejection is a fear that can have a big impact in our lives. Many people are scared to put themselves in a situation that may lead to rejection. This fear can be due to many reasons such as lack of self esteem, low value and opinion of you etc.

There are several ways in which fear of rejection affects a person. Sweaty palms, rapid breathing, an increased heart rate and trouble speaking are common symptoms of the fear of rejection.

Another way fear of rejection affects us is by affecting our social life. Humans are social creatures and they follow social norms in public. People with a fear of rejection are sometimes unable to talk to strangers or even friends. This prevents people from having long lasting conversations further resulting in lack of confidence.

The need to belong is a common human tendency whether it is in a social group or a community, we want to be included. While behaving like a member of the group is not wrong, sometimes it also results in peer pressure. It leads you to do things which you are not comfortable with.

Many people who have a fear of rejection live a much scripted life and fear to show their true self to avoid rejection. An ability of pleasing everyone around you also comes with this fear of rejection. Saying no becomes impossible

even if you feel that saying yes will cause major difficulties to you.

To overcome the fear of rejection the person needs to believe in themselves and needs to have a particular sense of confidence which will eventually help them face rejection. By : Kabir (XI - Gir)

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